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SousVide Supreme Demi Water Oven, Red

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SousVide Supreme Demi Water Oven, Red - SVD-00103

The compact SousVide Supreme Demi offers the same unparalleled cooking convenience of the original SousVide Supreme water oven but in a smaller appliance. With hands-off cooking that is gentle and forgiving, the Demi makes it easy to have meals ready in minutes at the end of the day. Everyone - from the accomplished cook to the rank novice - can turn out gourmet quality meals with minimal preparation time. It’s as easy as heating water! Just season your dish, vacuum-seal in food-grade pouches, simmer in the Demi water bath, sear or sauce your dish if desired, and serve. 


  • 8.7 liters/2.3 gallon water capacity holds 12 four-ounce portions  
  • One-touch precision control panel 
  • Non-stick coated cavity 
  • Aluminum lid 
  • Detachable power cord 
  • Base grill and rack separate food pouches 
  • Size: 11.3"H x 10.96"W x 12.99"L 
  • Power: 110V
Brand Name SousVide
Use & Care





1. Do not leave water sitting in the bath after use. Allow water bath to cool,
remove racks, and using the offset handles for stability, pour the bath contents
into the sink.

2. Dry interior with a soft, clean cloth.

3. Periodically—or in the event of a cooking pouch rupture—you may need to
clean the water bath of your SousVide Supreme Demi. Use a soft cloth or
sponge and mild soapy water to wipe out the interior of the bath. Rinse with
clear water and, using the offset handles on the unit, pour the water out from
the corner.

4. Never immerse the unit in water or other liquid for cleaning or rinsing.

5. Never use abrasives or harsh chemicals to clean your SousVide Supreme

6. Never put the SousVide Supreme Demi in the dishwasher.

7. Any other servicing should be performed by an authorized SousVide
Supreme Demi service representative. For more information, visit our website

Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Height Inches 11.3
Width Inches 10.96
Depth Inches 12.99"
Watts 550 W, 120 V, 60 Hz
Capacity 8.7 Liters, 2.3 Gallon
Color Empire Red
UPC 854838002176
Model SVD-00103
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